2020 Bullet Journal

December 25, 2019 2 Comments

2020 Bullet Journal

December 25, 2019 2 Comments

Goodbye, 2019. You were a wonderful year of growth, hard work, and progress. But it’s time for the new year to step in, and 2020 is going to be a rager.

I modelled my 2020 journal largely off of Xoxokaymo’s spreads, but added in my own personal touches as well. I loved the layouts she included in her bullet journal and the bold lettering for the titles.

Before I get on with the pictures, I also wanted to say that I recently bought a Sprocket from HP, which is a tiny little printer which can work via bluetooth to print pictures from your phone, and LOVE it. Stay tuned for a review!

Ok, now let’s get into the pictures.

This year’s focus word is courage. It takes a lot of courage to step into a new job, meet new people, take big risks, and live the life you imagine in your head. 2020 is going to be a trying time as so many things are changing, but I can face them all if I remember to have courage.

The Bad Girl’s Very Good List Of Things To Do is my take on the bucket list. You are welcome to steal this scrumptious title!

New Things I Did In 2020 is probably my favorite spread in my whole journal. It’s a way for me to keep track of memories; but not just any memories; firsts. Last year witnessed my first professional conference, booping noses with an alpaca, and seeing my first Pens game!

Ok, this spread is entirely inspired by Xoxokaymo. I loved the idea of setting yearly goals, and her layout was flawlessly simple.

The future log was also inspired by Xoxokaymo. It is so tedious writing all those dates in, and my handwriting is always so sloppy by the end of it, but it is definitely worth it to remember things like birthdays and vacations.

I live by my monthly calendar. I don’t do weekly’s like most others. I like seeing it laid out in monthly format best. In the side margins I will usually include a color key to separate important events, appointments, my three different jobs, and blogging schedules.

The brain dump is also a new one from Xoxokaymo. I loved her flowchart style connection lines so I wanted to try it out and see if it helps organize my thoughts. As a writer, it may help get ideas down before I lose them.

Next up is my standard to do list and monthly goals area. This is where I put all that everyday junk that needs doing, and I will prioritize based on need. I like to keep my goals simple so that they are still attainable without stressing me out.

This one I am so excited about. Yet another Xoxokaymo inspiration. This is my budget, bill, and wishlist spread. Most of my income goes to bills, but I still like keeping track.

Your standard freeform gratitude page. An excellent spot to mention friends, family, and all those wonderful gifts from the universe.

Lastly, we have the mood tracker, which is always a great way to look back on and analyze how the month went for you emotionally.

Thanks for reading! If you give any of these spreads a try, let me know if they worked for you, or if there are any others you use!

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1 year ago

Kat! This is truly inspiring and you definitely have a gift of design! Well done!



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