All I want For Christmas Is Financial Stability And Maybe A Pet Rat

November 13, 2019 No Comments

All I want For Christmas Is Financial Stability And Maybe A Pet Rat

November 13, 2019 No Comments

Hey there, Earthlings. November, like all the other months this fall, has been flying by faster than I can appreciate its crisp golden aura. Things have altogether gone out of control, at least as far as my finances are concerned. Do you ever have to do several adult things in a row and then realize you’re broke? Right before the holidays hit?

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could pick up a few extra hours, but what happens when you are mentally and physically burned out on top of financially stressed? I think I’ve finally hit a new level of being an adult. Is this the final adult form? Or does it keep getting worse?

I shouldn’t complain too much. I’m actually very blessed. It’s just that I don’t handle change well. And this fall has been full of big scary adult things that keep pushing my little brain farther and farther towards the edge of a giant toddler meltdown.

New Car.

My old car is finally gone. Gifted to my boyfriend so he doesn’t have to drive his mopar in the winter. The process was actually surprisingly easy. My local notary was able to handle mostly all of the work besides me having to print a few pages. But preparing all the paperwork and making sure my ducks were in a row before I crossed the road took a lot of mental attention.

That being said, I do have a nice new car bought for a very good bargain through Hertz Rent-2-Buy. It was barely used but half the price because it had been part of their rental fleet. I went with the 2019 Toyota Corolla because I heard their engines last forever and it was small enough to handle all the city driving and parking I would be doing. I keep complaining about not having any money without realizing that I am now driving around a brand new car that can get me there. It’s definitely just a matter of perspective. I have to keep reminding myself that the money isn’t for nothing. It’s for the gorgeous hunk of metal sitting in my driveway.

I haven’t thought of a proper name for it yet. Any suggestions? It’s silver and black. And while I am way too tempted to go with my teenage heart-throb Kuja, I don’t know if that name is quite appropriate for my Corolla.

In other news, the Holidays will be here fast and that’s always a busy time of year for everyone. For some reason I’ve been feeling this insatiable need to buy all my loved ones way more than I can afford. I always like giving presents at the holidays, but this year is bad. In lieu of my broke-ass bank account, I think I will go with a more traditional option and perhaps handcraft some gifts.

Graduate School.

Besides that, I don’t have much time on my hands between working two jobs and going through graduate school. The first semester is almost done and I can’t believe how fast it went. By this time next year I will be finishing up my last semester and getting ready to graduate.

Will I be going on to get my PhD? Who knows! Anything is possible at this point.

To be honest, the prospect of going and living in Scotland and working in one of their old libraries is so appealing to me. I love all that old history, and the scenery there is gorgeous. It reminded me a lot of Pittsburgh when I was there. Lots of mist, mountains, and cows.

It’s difficult to imagine myself getting a PhD, but a few years ago I would have said it was near impossible for me to go through with my masters, and here I am. For anyone who says something is too difficult, they just didn’t try hard enough. I failed the GRE a couple times before I made it in, but I certainly didn’t let that deter me. (Flash back to me crying on the floor of my mom’s bedroom while eating Cheez-its and swearing off higher education).


I’m entering a stage in my life where I just want to hunker down, nest a little, and buy a pet rat. I’ve wanted a pet for a while, and one week of dog-sitting has me convinced I can’t handle anything bigger. Rats are intelligent little critters and so heart-warmingly snuggly.

The other part of me wants to leave everything behind and travel the world. Do they allow rats on airplanes as therapy pets?

Oh I also just found out my favorite Youtuber Kiera Rose is pregnant. I am so happy for her! I’ve been a fan for years and can’t wait to see what advice and videos she will share with her new little bean. She is also the one who convinced me to buy a pet rat in the first place, because Darwin and Einstein were the cutest lil floofs in the world. There’s a lot of misconceptions about rats being dirty and smelly, and while they are animals and therefore have an animal scent, they are not terribly bad. Rats are also one of the cleanest animals! They spend most of their time grooming!

Here’s a video about her beans

Take care,

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