Blog Update – June 2019 Goals

June 4, 2019 4 Comments

Blog Update – June 2019 Goals

June 4, 2019 4 Comments

It’s funny. I was just writing a big long post about how I’m finally getting settled into this new self hosted blogging life, and my computer froze and deleted the whole entire article, which did not auto save as it should have. I would be upset about it if I had any energy left in me tonight, but alas I do not.

Let’s see how much I can remember. (Ok, the more I think about all those good ideas I lost, the angrier I get.)

Taking off the training wheels

After a very painful and confusing transition to self hosting, I think I’m finally settled into my new blogging home with and site ground. Switching to self hosting was hard. I’m going to be real with you. I’m not exactly internet savvy, so there was much googling and staring at my screen with a scrunched up face like I was trying to read very small handwriting and saying “wait, what?”. There are so many new features and options that I’m still not entirely sure I understand everything.

So why switch?

My old site had limited options and even though I was writing the blog posts, I didn’t really own the domain or the site. I wanted something more, something bigger, something better. I know it sounds like I’m shitting on my old blog. I’m not. I loved Antiquarius. It was the site where I learned how to blog. It was a great place to get my sea legs, but now that I consider myself a fairly decent sailor in the vast ocean of the blogosphere, I decided I wanted to buy my own ship with canons and a pirate flag but instead of a skull it would just have a picture of a Kit-Kat because that’s my favorite candy bar and it has my name in it, and my ship would also be called the Kit-Kat. Ok, that analogy got weird…

Learning & Support

But here we are! I’m still bumbling along and doing just fine if I do say so myself. Sure, my blog isn’t perfect yet, but I’m learning new things every day and certainly enjoying the adventure. I’m going to be real honest, though. Blogging is hard. Why do I keep italicizing hard? I don’t know. Anyways…

There is so much more to blogging than I ever thought there was. It’s not just about slapping up a quickly written post onto a website and kicking back. You have to research, write, market, check facts, network, take pictures, piece it all together, and somehow navigate all this ever changing self hosting software. Honestly, Google search has been my best friend these past few months. Did I mention SEO? Yeah, there’s an endless list of things to think about as a blogger.

But luckily the blogging community is supportive and helpful and always there when you have questions. Just the other day a woman in my blogging group on facebook informed me that my new site did not allow comments to be posted and was missing the share buttons for posts. Those were pretty big things to overlook. I’ve been working hard on my new site, but some things just end up slipping through the cracks. It’s nice to have such a supportive community who has been there and done that to help you along.

I like to share these blog updates because I know some of you reading might be interested in getting into blogging yourself, or are interested in the process. As we go into June, I have a few goals in mind.

Monthly Blogging Goals

  1. Create new blog posts every Tuesday
  2. Gain 15 email subscribers
  3. Reach 300 pageviews
  4. Set up Google adsense

I’m starting small since June will be my first full month of blogging. If you would like to help me reach any of these goals, please like and share this post, and subscribe to my email list to get notifications of new posts right to your inbox. Interested in hearing more about how to start a blog? Leave a comment down below!

Thanks for reading my blog update. Check back in to see the progress of, and if you have any June goals you’d like to share, let’s hear ’em!

Stay rad,

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1 year ago

Good luck for your blogging goals, Kat! Self hosting is hard at first because you learn so many new things like SEO and plugin (for me, the plugin concept is new at first because I migrate from platform) but I’m sure you’ll be fine and like you said the community has always been helpful. Just ask a away if you encountered any problem x

Happy blogging!

1 year ago

Those are some great goals. When you say 300 page views, is that just for the month of June? I am looking to self-host by the end of the year too!



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