Hey, I'm Kat

I’m a lover of old books, lofi chillwave, banana ice cream, retro fashion, and anything horror. Morticia Addams is my role model.

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Kat Rampage


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  • Happy #bookshelfie day! Let's see your collections! #librarybookshelfie #librarian #books
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  • I didnt know what a macchiato was so I ordered one to go. The barista looked at me like "you know a macchiato is only this big", as she held up her thumb and forefinger in a pinching shape. I confessed I didnt know that, so she turned my drink into a cappuccino instead! It was the cutest lil cappuccino for the most clueless coffee drinker in the world. #coffee #cappuccino #imnotacoffeeconnoisseur
  • I just published a post on creating a new bullet journal for 2020. Check it out!! Link in bio.
#linkinbio #bulletjournal #bulletjournalinspiration #bulletjournaling #2020 #2020bujo #bujo2020

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