Earth Origins Wide Width Boots for Gothicc Girls

November 18, 2019 No Comments

Earth Origins Wide Width Boots for Gothicc Girls

November 18, 2019 No Comments

Does anyone else have a compulsion to line up their cursor to fit with lines on their computer screen? Don’t lie. I know you do.


My favorite pair of knee-high boots have finally bit the dust. I tried stretching them through another season and they just wouldn’t do it. So I was in the market for new boots; good quality boots that would be comfortable and last me a long time. Naturally, I went with the same brand as my older pair.

Earth Origins

Earth Origins are a godsend to big boned gothicc girls everywhere

If you are someone who struggles finding boots that fit wide calves, or wide width feet, join the club. 99% of stores that you can visit in person do not carry this elusive sizing, and when they do, they are usually not very fashionable. But let me tell you: Earth Origins are a godsend to big boned gothicc girls everywhere. Not only are they comfortable, they are also stylish. And yes, they do cost more than your average boot, but that’s just because they are good quality. You get what you pay for.

Avani 2 Butternut

I ordered two pairs for this Winter. The first pair was called Avani 2 Butternut in black, and come to just below calf length. The exterior has a soft suede finish and tasteful buckles on the sides. As soon as I tried these on, it was like slipping my foot into a cushion, or an Ugg boot. In other words, it was the most comfortable boot I’ve worn in a long time. These boots do not rub in any area. The wide width allows plenty of room on the sides and in the toe area, but doesn’t slide or cause blisters on the backs of your heels like some boots do.

Randy Radley

The second pair I ordered was called Randy Radley in black. These are shorter boots, only coming up to ankle height, but I bought these to wear with jeans or baggy pants as opposed to leggings, which the other shoes were for. That being said, you can still wear these with leggings and look totally badass. These have that traditional leather look on the outside, the dull kind that I’m usually not a fan of, but I don’t mind it on these.

Overall Review

While these don’t necessary scream “HEY LOOK, I’M A GOTH” I do feel like they fit in with my style aesthetic. Especially the suede ones. Their minimalist look and lack of trendy styling makes them versatile to style with many outfits, and simple enough that they sort of blend in with all my black clothing. They are a little edgy if you style them up right, and classy when you need them to be. They ride the line between looking high-end and like I’m going to jump on the back of a motorcycle.

I highly recommend this brand if you have trouble finding good quality boots that fit wide calves and wide width feet. They also both have wonderful arch support which helps keep your feet comfy all day. Do I sound salesy? Don’t worry, this post isn’t sponsored. I just really like these boots and wanted to share my wonderful find with all you gothicc girls out there.

New customers can receive %20 off their first order over on Earth Shoes. (Not Sponsed).

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