Emilia Fart Is Exactly What The Internet Needs.

June 11, 2019 2 Comments

Emilia Fart Is Exactly What The Internet Needs.

June 11, 2019 2 Comments

I first saw Emilia Fart pop up on my youtube suggested videos. The chinless wonder, with her obnoxiously abstract makeup and iconic bedsheet outfit, was suddenly everywhere. The first video I watched left me feeling confused, and then judgmental, and then finally incredibly amused.

Emilia Fart is exactly what the internet needs. And here’s why.

In an age where everyone is obsessed with perfection, this clever girl decided to swing so far in the other direction that it was impossible to ignore her. Does she know she’s annoying? Yes. Does she know she’s polarizing people’s opinions? Absolutely. Does she know that she is loved by so many?

I hope she knows!

Emilia had the ability to go onto the internet looking like her normal human self instead of the alien lifeform that she chose to portray herself as, but she knew that if she pushed the envelope as an entertainer, she would make ripples in the ocean of mediocrity. Even her name is repulsive by cultural standards. Hell yeah she could have picked something else, but she didn’t. And that’s the point.

Ms. Fart has said several times that the clothing she chooses to wear is not a costume, it is genuinely what she finds attractive. I respect that. If I had as much courage as her, I would be wearing around corsets and dominatrix boots, or medieval dresses. But because I am a weak sheep, I go along with what society says I should wear.

It’s difficult to stand out in a world that is so ready to ostracize you for your mistakes or even just the way you look. And once an opinion catches on, it can spread like wildfire (Hello, James tea.).

[her] videos are so raw and emotional that they keep me, and others, coming back for more again and again.

So Emilia, I congratulate you on your courage to be yourself. You inspire so many others to follow their dreams and passions and be the people they want to be. Your videos are so raw and emotional that they keep me, and others, coming back for more again and again. And despite making yourself look as abstract as you desire, I have the biggest crush you on and your personality. You aren’t just another personality online. You have blazed your way as an iconic woman, and the messages you share are the ones we need to hear.

Earlier, I mentioned that the second emotion I felt after watching her video was judgement. That is why the third emotion was amusement. I was amused because she knew she would be judged by posting her videos, but she did it anyways. And not only did she know she might be judged, she actually counted on it. She counted on human nature to judge her before knowing her, and that is where her fame stems from. Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that she is iconic.

Emilia Fart is unapologetically herself, and the fact that she has created such a discussion about what beauty and acceptance and judgement is shows us the true value in her content.

Also, as a side note, I didn’t think I could legally use a picture of Emilia, so I chose to use a picture of pizza instead.

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Thanks for a light fun read !



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