September 10, 2019 2 Comments


September 10, 2019 2 Comments

The city intoxicates me, but my city is not your city. And it is not their city. We each travel different roads with different thoughts in our head. Mine are dark and full of magic. Mine resound in the minor key and the echo of a high hat. I like it when it rains. I like seeing the city lights reflecting in the pools of water that collect on the side of the road like there’s another world down there somewhere with the cobblestones. The city intoxicates me like lustmord; Something dangerous. And yet I am compelled to return again. To the place where lonely souls gather but never touch. No one knows my name there, in that dreamscape of chain link fences and the sound of trains, distant on the horizon, somewhere over the hill. There is a rabbit hole hidden in every alleyway; a silhouette of ghosts in the setting sun. There are remnants still of good memories left on the walls. Not mine, and not yours. I wonder if her signature still looks the same. I wonder if she’s still in love with Lucas like it says on the ceiling of the venue stairwell. I weave through smoke and dream that I am someone else. I follow the line of the sidewalk, boots stumbling over uneven pavement, but my eyes never look down. I know these streets like a memory. I know how lonely it can be to be surrounded by life. I know that you would cry at night if you had any energy left. Instead the tears just slip out like we used to do when we were young. These lives are ours. Yours, and mine. Don’t forget who you were. This city has carried my broken heart. The highway has heard me begging. I promise. I promise I’ll get help, as long as I make it home tonight.

This city has carried my broken heart. The highway was endless the night I left.

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I am a freelance writer living in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a passion for writing fantasy/horror fiction and when I'm not writing or blogging, I enjoy photography, yoga, and reading tarot cards.

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1 year ago

Oof, this is brilliant writing. I’m jealous.



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