Lower Back Pain After Sleeping and the One Tip That Actually Helped

December 3, 2019 No Comments

Lower Back Pain After Sleeping and the One Tip That Actually Helped

December 3, 2019 No Comments

Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit. I have been suffering from terrible lower back pain for the last few years of my life. I always assumed it was from taking on more of a work load at my two jobs, but yesterday I decided to do some googling to get down to the root of the issue, and what I found was shocking.

Before we reveal the culprit for my horrendous lower back pain, let me explain the symptoms. I would wake up each morning feeling like I was clobbered by a workhorse. My lower back would be so tight and sore that I couldn’t even muster the core strength to sit up from bed properly. Naturally I thought this was from something I was doing during the day. Or maybe I had lost all of my back muscles from lack of exercise!

As it turns out, I was very very wrong.

After googling, I discovered that some of the causes of lower back pain can come from

  1. Your mattress
  2. Your sleeping position

Ok, so I knew these were things that could contribute to lower back pain, but as I’ve been sleeping on my mattress for six plus years prior to this with no pain, it didn’t occur to me that this could be the cause. I knew my mattress was old, but this back pain was a new thing, so the correlation didn’t exist in my mind.

The Tip That Helped

I found a blog, Withings, that gave some great tips on how to alleviate nighttime back pain. They suggested putting a pillow under your back or knees to help support the curvature of your spine on a mattress that offers no support. I tried this tip out last night and was shook to discover that I awoke this morning with NO BACK PAIN.

Sleeping on your stomach is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. It flattens the natural curvature of your lumbar spine and intensifies the pressure on your joints and vertebrae, straining your back muscles and causing you to experience lower back pain after sleeping. 


So I placed a rolled up blanket beneath the small of my back and tried to actively fall asleep on my back, because I usually fall asleep on my stomach. Although I did wake up once during the night to find that I had flipped onto my stomach, I quickly corrected my position so I was back to laying on my back.

This morning I honestly woke up feeling so much more rested than I have in the past few weeks, and my back pain was gone. I mean totally gone. I could sit up from bed without taking five minutes and making those old person noises.

Of course sometimes it still hurts, and probably will continue, but for now this tip has saved me many sleepless hours.

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