Mercury Rx in Pisces

March 1, 2019 No Comments

Mercury Rx in Pisces

March 1, 2019 No Comments

It’s happening again. Every four months or so, Mercury goes retrograde and the world goes into chaos. According to Bustle,

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, and data, which means that all of these things can be affected by the retrograde period.

Have you been feeling like everything you say is wrong? Have you been forgetting meetings, errands, or been running late for work? Has anything in your house broken? A dishwasher, dryer, or electrical problems? Been fighting with siblings, parents, or partners? These are all signs of Mercury retrograde.

Dr. Standley, spiritual and metaphysical educator, defines Mercury retrograde well:

“There is an illusion that communications go haywire and that the lines of communication are not working as they should when Mercury “appears” to go retrograde. When in fact, the same communication glitches “appear” day in and day out and we just handle it. Mercury brings an awareness and a detailed focus to communication. So instead of moving forward with what you “were” doing, the response to Mercury retrograde is to clean up that which you have not finished or clear out that which you have no intention of using. Clear the past and embrace the future with a clear mind. Mercury also rules the mind and thinking.”

This Mercury retrograde is particularly brutal, falling in Pisces and lasting the entire month of March. We began feeling the effects in the last two weeks of February as we entered the shadow of retrograde. So how do we survive the onslaught of being hyper aware of our communication?

  1. Think twice before you speak
  2. Make sure you check your calendar more frequently
  3. Double check details to make sure there are no misunderstandings between parties
  4. Spend more time alone working on your own agenda
  5. Meditate to focus on the things that are bothering you and think of ways to solve them
  6. Be extra nice to friends and family
  7. Do the things you’ve been putting off
  8. Finish older projects that need tied up
  9. Prepack your lunches
  10. Get enough sleep

These are things we should always be doing, but sometimes life gets busy. Mercury retrograde is a time to pay extra attention to these things to ensure there are no miscommunications. Hang in there! Before we know it, Mercury will be direct again and we can all continue living on in happy bliss until the next retrograde.

Have any fun Mercury retrograde stories for us? Leave a comment!

Peace out,

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