Neon Moon Tarot by Pixeloccult

November 13, 2019 2 Comments

Neon Moon Tarot by Pixeloccult

November 13, 2019 2 Comments

I’d like to introduce you to the biggest impulse buy I’ve ever been seduced by. The Neon Moon tarot from Pixeloccult. The artist has a shop set up over at Etsy where you can snag a copy of this beautiful cyberpunk deck, but you better act quickly because it’s selling out fast!

My sister was the one who actually found it. She had purchased his first tarot deck, called the Sinking Wasteland tarot, and it was one of the most gorgeous decks I had ever seen. His artwork is amazing. And I was not disappointed by the Neon Moon tarot either.

The Deck

The cardstock is sturdy, glossed, and flexible. The cards shuffle nicely but they did come all stuck together so I had to rough them up a little to get them all apart. But part of me thinks the cards kind of…liked it. Ok, call me crazy, but each deck has its own personality. Some decks you have to be gentle with, delicate, and slow. This deck asked to be beat up a little. It asked to be shuffled hard and fast. Maybe it’s the artwork on the cards that offer a pantheon of cyberpunk personalities, with their cigarettes and beer and dangerous motorcycles. This deck wants to be taken out of your little reading room, out into the dirty city, into the smoky nights and wet rainy streets. It wants to be used by more hands than yours.

And yet I felt a fast connection to the cards.

If I had to pigeonhole the aesthetic of these cards, it would be Outrun. Miami sunsets and palm trees, Japanese Kanji and sleek sports cars. The word Neon appears in the title, and that is part of the aesthetic too. Neon lights against white walls with palm plants and white carpet. This deck is straight out of the 80’s, if the 80’s was a speculative cyberpunk fiction set two hundred years in the future.


The first shuffling was energetic. The cards were slick and some flew out as I shuffled. The deck came with a gorgeous network wire inspired reading cloth in black with bright pink accents. I can’t wait to use that cloth as a base to do a Celtic cross or my own signature four card pull.

The imagery on the cards was deep and brought many messages to mind. Some cards I look at and see nothing and get no messages. These cards speak. Loudly. In a dark and pragmatic way that can only be seconded by the Bohemian Gothic tarot. I would recommend these cards if you like your readings a bit on the dark side.

Neon Moon is based off the traditional Rider-Waite tarot. I can’t say it will be my everyday reading deck, but it has surpassed all other decks to hold the place as my #2 favorite deck I currently own.

Pixeloccult delivered the deck quickly and there were no flaws or troubles placing my order. I will definitely be ordering from him again.

I hope you found this review helpful! Check back for more tarot reviews soon!

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These are gorg!



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