Personal Blogging, ondo온도, and Cultural Learning

November 14, 2019 No Comments

Personal Blogging, ondo온도, and Cultural Learning

November 14, 2019 No Comments

Is personal blogging going out of style? I feel like modern blogs are all trying to teach you something, and for that reason, a lot of blogs are failing. Because bloggers are trying to teach its readers things they are not experts in. They all consist of lists and best of gift guides, which all sort of points to consumerism, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I feel is becoming over saturated within the blogging community. Where are the daily living blogs, the ones focused on life experiences and not just on how someone looks. I think Americans are falling into the ego trap, trying to make it about themselves instead of their experiences.


Not everyone wants to read posts about the things that they are lacking in their lives, because the truth is you don’t need any of that stuff. One of my favorite Youtubers, ONDO온도, is a Korean homebody vlogger. She shares the simple joys of life with her cooking experiments, friend outings to parks and little local stores, and simple home decorating. She never shows her face in her videos, and instead focuses on showing the things and experiences around her, and when she talks, it is calming and to the point. I tend to get very annoyed at most Youtubers because they try to be high energy, in your face, and absolutely egotistical. She doesn’t try to be like every other Youtuber out there, and that is what makes her videos so enjoyable.

It’s fresh, wholesome, and inspiring.

Cultural Learning

Instead of trying to follow trends, she shares her life as it is, with all its domestic adventures and cute quirks. Sometimes she tries a recipe and it fails, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try, and it’s refreshing to see that imperfect moment. Additionally, by sharing the small moments in her life, she is teaching her viewers about her culture. As an American, Korean culture is sort of a mystery to me, but ONDO온도 shows everyday life like going to the grocery store and shopping. She shows apartment setups and how to use a Korean oven and how to cook Korean dishes. These things might seem boring to some, but to me they are fascinating, because it’s a whole different culture. She also puts Korean captions along with English so you can learn words for things like blueberries and Eucalyptus.

I am a personal blogger

So maybe it’s okay to not try to be an expert on something and share life-changing tips and hacks. Maybe it’s okay to just be yourself and share your personal experiences in the hopes of inspiring others. Maybe it’s okay to share the small moments of your life, because to some, it might not be boring.

I’ve sort of taken a break from blogging. This is mostly because of graduate school, but also because I was feeling uninspired. I was caught in the comparison trap, the ego trap. I was trying to write what I thought my readers wanted instead of writing what I wanted. I fell into the trap so many bloggers fall into, and fail because of. I didn’t want to end up there. So I took a step back. That time away has given me a clear path to take with my writing.

This blog has become a diary of sorts. I have lost the fake salesman voice and instead now write my posts as if I were speaking to myself. If that resonates with readers, then great. If not, there are plenty of other blogs to read. But for now, this makes me happy, and I will continue to write my own personal experiences. I am a personal blogger, and I will continue blogging as a personal blog, separate from all the trends and other bloggers. And I hope you will enjoy this new direction.

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