Taurus got a New Guitar, Slipknot Mask Reveal, & Tour 2019

May 21, 2019 No Comments

Taurus got a New Guitar, Slipknot Mask Reveal, & Tour 2019

May 21, 2019 No Comments

I know next to nothing about guitar brands. Like a guy trying to describe shoes, my knowledge of guitars is based on one thing. The color. My knowledge of guitars is also as good as my knowledge of cars. What kind of car is that? Um…a white one.

So I don’t know much about guitars, but what I do know is that this guitar is Sexy.

Deluxe Ltd ec-1000

It’s a full-bodied blood-red Deluxe Ltd; the kind of guitar that would look rad at the front of a metal band. Especially a metal band with Lestat de Lioncourt as the lead singer. It gave me huge Vampy vibes. I’m sorry. That color makes it look like the guitar was drenched with the blood of criminals before being sealed and polished.

We spent about three hours fiddling with all the doohickeys on the amp and playing songs. Well…he played and I sat there with hearts in my eyes, appreciating the fact that my boyfriend can play the guitar as well as my dad can (and maybe even a little better).

He got to playing Slipknot and was able to duplicate the distorted sound of their guitars perfectly. It got me so excited because we got tickets to Knotfest 2019!

This will be the first time seeing Slipknot live. They were my favorite band when I was a teenager. I once bought a VHS (yes, I’m that old) of their live show Disasterpieces from Hot Topic and watched it almost daily on the mini tv in my parents bedroom because it was the only room in the house that wasn’t occupied. Now, I’m a fan of bands, but I’ve never been the kind of fan that learns about the band members or their lives. I mostly just love the music and that’s about as deep as my love for music goes. But Slipknot adds something a little unique to their image, and that is their masks.

New Mask Reveal

There was a grand reveal of the band’s new masks.in their music video for Unsainted. The song itself is fantastic, although I have noticed that a lot of the songs from their new album sound almost the exact same. This would be a problem, except I love the way they sound. So I’m not going to be complaining about the sameness of their choruses.

The energy of their new album is fierce. Most bands tend to burn out after a few albums, but We Are Not Your Kind sounds just as fresh and inspired as their first album. The style might have changed over the years, slightly, but Slipknot still delivers when it comes to their music.

The music video also gets a 5/5 from me. It had some major secret society vibes going on, which is a trope that I can never get enough of. There’s an implication of an illuminati style, old world, cult. Visually, it’s gorgeous, and each of the band members is presented in the traditional way, which I love. (Mick is terrifying and awesome as always)

You’ve killed the saint in me
How dare you martyr me?

There is also a mystery member, nicknamed “burn victim”, that many people believe to be Chris Fehn, who was kicked out of the band for a legal dispute. The mask of this mystery member is similar to Chris’s old mask, and it was noted upon in a comment for the music video Unsainted that the mystery member head bangs in the same style as Chris.

While this mystery adds another level of excitement for their new album and tour, I have no idea who this new member could be. So I’m looking forward to the big reveal, if there will ever be one.

What I love so much about the masks is that it gives the band a timeless feel. I was never that into the lives of the members. To me, they were always just the masks, and there is a sort of mystery that goes along with an anonymous mask. Just like Daft Punk, it turns the band members into characters instead of people that come with drama and lives and growing old.

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