The Benefits of Daily Meditation

March 1, 2018 No Comments

The Benefits of Daily Meditation

March 1, 2018 No Comments

At the beginning of 2018, I created a daily habits tracker in my bullet journal. In this daily habits tracker I included things I wanted to accomplish, like writing every day and making my bed every morning, but I also chose to include meditation. I always heard the benefits of meditation, but had never taken the time out of my day to make it a routine, a ritual, until this year.

And I’m glad I did.

Benefits of daily meditation

As soon as I began a regular practice of meditation, I began to notice certain things changing in my life

  1. Breathing
    • One of my favorite aspects of meditation is controlling my breathing. The practice that I am following encourages you to deepen your inhales and lengthen your exhales, which strengthens your connection to your breath. How often do we take such a simple thing for granted? You breath constantly to survive. By becoming aware of this, you become aware of yourself, your spirit, your soul, and your presence here on this earth.
  2. Focus
    • An effect of daily meditation that I have found to be quite productive is my ability to focus on other daily tasks with more awareness, more presence, and more attention. Daily meditation encourages you to live in the moment. If you can quiet your mind for a ten minute meditation session, it’s easier to justify other tasks that you might have viewed as time consuming or tedious. You can fold a load of laundry in the same amount of time as a meditation session. Suddenly that doesn’t seem like such an impossible task.
  3. Calm
    • The effects of slowing and controlling your breathing does more than just increase your self awareness. It also has a calming effect. If I am feeling anxious about a certain area of my life, by the time I am finished meditating, the problem no longer causes me physical discomfort like a tight chest, tense muscles, or headaches. By engaging in deep breathing and physical relaxation, you subconsciously release anxiety and reach a pleasant calmness.
  4. Mental Clarity
    • One of the main reasons I decided to begin daily meditation was because my mind was constantly running full speed, and the thoughts were often very negative. It’s difficult to deal with life when your mind is constantly being flooded by negativity, stress, and worry. Daily meditation helps to declutter your mental state. Headspace, a meditation app for your phone, described it as traffic. Your thoughts are traffic. If you try to stop those thoughts, you stress yourself out more. But if you passively sit on the side and allow thoughts to come and go as they please, to pass by without reaction, then your mind does not cling to negativity, and instead simply observes the thoughts.
  5. Raises Spiritual Connection
    • This is another one of my favorite parts of meditation. Do you ever feel disconnected from the world, the people around you, and the universal energy? I’ve been there. It’s a very lonely feeling. But after incorporating daily meditation into my life, I felt an increase in my vibrations. This is partially due to visualization. I like to picture my energy spreading out like ink in water to touch all the other energies of the world, and in turn, the other energies flowing through me as well. This visualization helps create a feeling of contentment and spiritual connectedness.
  6. Internal Dialogue
    • Sitting down every day for a calming ten or fifteen minutes (or longer if you feel the desire) gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a conversation…with yourself. I know it sounds weird, but when was the last time you checked in with yourself? Like having a conversation with a friend, say hi, ask what’s up, ask yourself if everything is ok. And listen to how you answer those questions. Daily meditation provides you with a chance to connect with yourself and your own thoughts in a quiet and safe environment, devoid of self-abuse. What things aren’t you dealing with? What do you need to face? Are you comfortable being alone with your own thoughts? Nothing provides a better mirror into your soul than a little internal dialogue with your own mind.
  7. Grounding
    • Are you someone who has a difficult time living in reality? Are you prone to daydreaming or dissociation? Practicing daily meditation helps to ground me when I feel like I’m mentally floating away from reality. Again, this point is about visualization. My therapist taught me a helpful meditation for when I’m feeling dissociative. Wherever you choose to meditation, picture yourself in a calm space. When you feel relaxed, visualize energy coming from the core of the earth and spreading from the base of your body all the way to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head. At the same time, visualize energy coming from the sun down through the top of your head and allow it to fill your body and pass down through you into the core of the earth. This visualization will help you feel more grounded and present on this earth.
  8. Emotional Healing
    • Going along with the internal monologue point, emotional healing is another benefit of daily meditation. When you have that conversation with yourself and face truths about yourself, you allow yourself to grow as a person and heal the things that might be long buried within your mind. When those wounds are judged appropriately and mended, you can begin to heal emotionally. And when you have healed, (which is a process that never really ends, I think), you will be happier for it.
  9. Patience
    • In a world that is constantly moving so quickly, it can be easy to want to rush through things. We are always looking for a shortcut. Our attention spans are shrinking day by day as well as with the birth of new and faster technology. But self love is something that should never be rushed. By meditating daily, you build patience within yourself in order to relax into the moment and slow your mind and breath. You might find that this patience carries over into other aspects of your life.
  10. Commitment
    • Patience isn’t the only thing you build by practicing daily meditation. You also build commitment and structure by scheduling time for meditation. This helps train your mind to build new routines and stick to them. How many of you start projects but have difficulties completing them? By creating a lifestyle of commitment, you encourage yourself to be more consistent as well. I’m not saying change is bad, but being able to commit to something that has so many benefits can lead to nothing but positivity.

If you’ve never practiced meditation but are interested in trying, I suggest you download Headspace. It’s a great introduction and offers beneficial insights into the practice. It’s never too late to start a positive routine. You can meditate at any time and anywhere you would like. If you are new to the practice or have been meditating for a while, what are some benefits you feel you gain from practicing daily meditation? I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!

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