The Mandalorian: Classic Storytelling And Good Old Fashioned Feel Good TV

December 13, 2019 No Comments

The Mandalorian: Classic Storytelling And Good Old Fashioned Feel Good TV

December 13, 2019 No Comments

I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.

The Mandalorian

Admit it. Even if you aren’t a Disney fan, you downloaded (or are thinking about downloading) Disney+ just for The Mandalorian. When a show starts trending like this, it’s hard to tell whether the show lives up to the hype or is going to be just like every other yawnable cookie cutter show these days.

As I binged my way through all five episodes that are currently available, I was struck with this strange cozy fuzzy feeling in my chest, and one that had nothing to do with the Cheetos I was munching on. I thought about it, and realized that what I was feeling was nostalgia.

Pure Innocent Fun

The Mandalorian reminded me of all those good shows I used to watch when I was a kid; Xena, Star Trek, Doctor Who. The shows that don’t have epic plots of characters versus the world, but instead focus on inner character development, the connections that the characters meet, and doing the right thing.

The hero isn’t someone who was trained as an assassin, or works for some prestigious government corporation. He isn’t the Chosen One. And he’s certainly not a sinful sex symbol played up to be a rebel with a heart. He’s just a bounty hunter trying to do his job, and make the universe a little safer while he does it.

Mando gets his ass kicked up and down multiple times within those first five episodes, but somehow always manages to be ok, because of the people he has met and how he has touched their lives. He’s a good guy, truly. In every sense of the word, he is a Protagonist. He has morals, he has common sense, and he has a sense of humor.

He doesn’t always feel confident in himself, but when his self-worth fades, he is always bolstered back up by the other characters.

And that is so damn refreshing after watching show after show of betrayal, torture, grim victory, and end of the world scenarios. I don’t want more darkness in our tv shows. As a viewer, I want pure good entertainment and feel good tv shows. That is why the Mandalorian is so damn good! It’s just pure innocent fun.

The Characters

The other thing I love about the show is that the actors actually have a chance to act. I’m thinking specifically of Peli Motto who, besides having an awesome name, is a mechanic with a seriously awesome character development. Usually mechanics are portrayed as sexy little grease monkeys with huge tits. Peli Motto is a funny character, and really steals the scene with her little helper droids.

As I watched her scenes, I found myself right back to being five years old again. The way she examines the ship and responds to The Baby made me realize that these days actors don’t really get to act like that. Instead there is always a bleak tone to the storylines and therefore the actors must portray very serious charcters. But Amy Sedaris, the actor behind Peli Motto, brings such a sense of lightness and comedy to her role. She’s got this crazy hair and curious spirit and yet she’s still tough enough to be a mechanic in Mos Eisley (hello, she’s a QUEEN). I certainly hope we see more of her.

Having a faceless hero takes attention away from the physical look of the character and instead places the focus on his moral acts and his heart.

And this post would be nothing if it didn’t mention Mando himself. Pedro Pascal, well know for his role as Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones, makes Mando come to life. The fact that he’s a faceless hero means he has to act with his body and his voice, and he does this so well. Having a faceless hero takes attention away from the physical look of the character (and having actors who are sex symbols, let’s be real) and instead places the focus on his moral acts and his heart. Again, that is so damn refreshing.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a real hero, and so far, The Mandalorian is filling those shoes quite well. This is the TV show we need going into 2020.


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