Why Everyone Needs Trello

June 25, 2019 2 Comments
Trello organization and calendar

Why Everyone Needs Trello

June 25, 2019 2 Comments

Have you heard of Trello? It’s my number one must have app for creatives, students, mothers, and everyone in between! If you are a planner like me, you jump at any chance to organize things. I am skeptical of most apps, since they cost a monthly subscription and quite honestly, ain’t nobody got the funds for that.

But Trello is free to use!

Read on to find out what it is and how you can use it to organize your life.

What is Trello

Trello is an app and website that allows you to create lists. The setup is as generic as it can get, which means you have free run of how to set up your organization. Since it has a website and app version, you can access your lists from anywhere you have access to a computer or your phone.

Trello also allows you to create a team board, which gives members of your family, business, or friends access to the same board. This is great for making plans, working on projects, or sharing messages.

How To Use Trello

First, download the app and create an account, or open the website and create an account there. Both are exactly the same and all information will be transferrable between devices.

Next, create a board for a particular area of your life. Some ideas are:

  • Finances
  • Work
  • To Do
  • Novel
  • Meal Prep
  • Graduate School
  • English Class
  • Calculus Class
  • etc.

Now that you’ve picked a few boards to make, you can go into each and separate that list into other smaller lists. It’s like list-ception for the A-type personality. Let’s look at the first example:

Finances. This board will contain all of your life duties in regards to finances. This includes paying bills, putting money in savings, and keeping track of investments or income.

You can create your first list to say Bills. In this list you can add all of the bills you need to pay. You also want to create a Done list. When you pay a bill, you can slide it over to the Done list. At the end of each month, you can take those different bills and slide them back over into the original list so that you can pay them off again the following month.

The other cool thing about Trello is that you can prioritize tasks by highlighting with specific colors or creating a separate list for the really important things. I like to keep the things that I need to do immediately in the leftmost column. My lists then decrease in importance from left to right, ending with my Done list.

How To Delete Lists and Boards

There is no option in Trello to simply delete an item off a list. At first I thought this was stupid and a total strike against the app, but I actually ended up really liking how they make you do it. It can be confusing, so let me explain.

You want to create a separate board called Delete. This will go in your list of important boards right up there with “Finances” and “Graduate School”. The Delete board is not a list, it’s a board! So it’s a little different from the finance example used above. When you want to delete something, you can then click it and move it to the Delete board. This will remove the item from that board entirely, but you will still have access to see what you want to delete by going to the Delete board. That way, if you change your mind, it will be easier to simply move it back to the original board.

Once you know everything in the Delete board is definitely good to get rid of, you can delete the whole entire board. Afterwards, you will need to create a new Delete board, but you don’t have to do this every time you delete something. I let my Delete board fill up pretty full before deleting the entire board.

Other Ways To Use Trello

Trello isn’t just for organizing things. You can also use it to take notes, do some writing, or even schedule blog posts.

Say you are writing a novel and want to have some order to how you’re doing it. Simply create a board like “Novel”, listed above, or something similar. In that board, you can create one list for characters, another for locations, and another for plot outlining. In each of those lists, you can then create character profiles, locations with descriptions, and even full story synopses.

You can also create a separate list for each chapter, and write the actual chapter as a list point.

Or say you have a really good idea for a blog post while driving. When you park, you can pull out your phone and jot down the blog post in the Blog Post list you have in the Blog board. Is it a really good idea that you want to work on right away? Tag it with a color or move it to the far left so that you know you’d like to prioritize that idea.

Take Trello to the store with you. You can even make a shopping list for groceries.

Create a To-Do board and create lists for all the different areas of your life. What do you need to do around the house? List those under the House list. What about school? List those under School. There’s no limit to the number of boards or lists you can create.

I know it can be confusing to learn a new program, but I assure you Trello is well worth the effort of sitting down and figuring it out. It has made my life as a blogger, writer, and student so much easier. I know I can access my lists whenever I need them, and the fact that Trello is free to use makes it one of the most invaluable resources out there.

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Interesting to know about Trello app. I can use not only to make notes of tasks but also it can help with everything at home right from cooking to blogging. Thanks for sharing.



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